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Delicious Orange Shortbreads (12p a piece)- What is Hygge?

What is Hygge? Is it baking Orange Shortbreads with Toddler “Blip”?

It’s funny to see how the Danish expression Hygge has become so popular all over the world.

In lots of magazines, and big furniture stores or even in super markets you will see different items or articles about hygge. This includes how to experience proper Danish hygge or creative the feeling of hygge.

Strangely enough a lot of it seems to turn its focus on tea candles and creating the right atmosphere in your house.

Sometimes when I read articles like this I feel exhausted by just looking at it, as it sounds like experiencing takes quite an effort, or does it?

It is true that you can create a lovely cosy atmosphere with blankets, candles and lots of lovely things, but this in itself does not mean you will have a lovely hyggelig time.

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Peach pudding, inspired by æble kage med rasp 

Seems my Danish background is coming back to haunt me! At least when it comes to food!

I actually managed to eat this and cook it without being sick!! Ahh 34 week pregnant today!! Amazingly.. Bug hg still going strong!!

In Denmark we serve a dish called “æblekage med rasp” or translated to English Apple “cake” with breadcrumbs and cream. I really had a craving for it!

However, I didn’t have apple pure or enough apples to make it but peaches instead.

So this is my Danish inspired desert recipe, at full price it’s £1.60 for 4 people. -prices based on Tesco prices (2017).

Using basic ingredients the cream being the most expensive. Good thing is that double cream can often be found reduced.
“Baby” blip proudly helped me make it!

Tinned peaches £0.35

300ml double cream £0.95

Bread crumbs 4 pieces stale bread £0.20p

3 tbsp sugar £0.05p

Chocolate for decoration £0.05

  1. Strain the peaches, (I normally drink the liquid, you don’t have to do that though 😂😂). Add the peaches to a stick blender. Blend them. Now add the blended peaches to a saucepan and warm through, drying out or firming up the mixture slightly.
  2. leave to cool. (Some people like more purée so you could use two tins).
  3. With stale bread, make breadcrumbs. Or use fresh bread but toast if lightly first.
  4. Add bread crumbs to a frying pan, add 2tbsp sugar and warm it up, it has to become golden in colour.
  5. Whip the cream to soft peaks, with the remaining sugar.
  6. Now assemble it all in a glass bowl (or individual glasses) a bit like trifle. So purée in bottom, the breadcrumb mixture on top, and then the whipped cream.
  7. Grate chocolate on top.. this isn’t really necessary, I just like it..

Now EAT it 😊😊😊

Bon appetite- as grandad would have said