Fish, Fresh Fish

Delicious Sea bass with Lemon, Potatoes and Swiss chard (£2.64 per person)


Sorry, it’s been a while since I wrote a recipe but we have been extremely busy. It’s end off quarter here and my husband is working around the clock, which means I have been alone with Baby “Flipper” and Toddler “Blip”. 

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Chorizo, Pasta

Lemony Courgette and Chorizo Spaghetti (£1.09 per portion)


Its exactly 4 weeks since I gave birth to Baby “Flipper”. Where has time gone, I haven’t had time to neither cook or update my blog. I have instead enjoyed lots of cuddles from both of my amazing kids.

I have also been very lucky that my friends and especially people from my local Church has brought me food for 2 whole weeks. So I didn’t have to cook, they also brought me quite a lot of dishes to freeze. And for the first two weeks my husband was home and cooked for us.

I still got quite a few of the dishes in the freezer, but I’m keeping them for days where I really do not have the energy to cook anything. Especially with a baby and toddler around. It’s a totally different challenge than just having one kid. At times, I feel like pulling out my hair.

Baby “Flipper” is a very good baby, however, I do suspect that he may have silent reflux, I literally can not put him down after he has eaten for at least 30 minutes. If I try to put him down, he just cries and arch his back badly. But except for that he is very good.

Toddler “Blip” still loves the baby, he always wants to give him hugs and cuddles. It’s so so sweet!

The other day, I thought I better start cooking some food again for the family. So as the husband are still on low carb I decided to use up the ton of courgettes we got. Especially, as I won a Riverford veg box on Facebook and I was given a ton of courgettes there plus all the ones we had in the fridge already.

So what to make? Courgette Pasta of course. I have made this before in different versions. So this time, I took the time to weigh and measure the ingredients as I went along.
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