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The beauty of not being home

well, yesterday me and baby Blip had the leftover Pizza and corn fritters for lunch. The corn fritters didn’t turn out right!! But never mind I’ll try again and post recipe when I have perfected it.. Blip seemed to love the soggy consistency. 

We didn’t take anything out for dinner as we were going to London. 

On our way to London (the husband was driving) we stopped for McD. Only because we were stock in traffic for ages! And we were starving, luckily I had ready made milk with me for Blip and one of the Ella squishy bags!! 

Now for the next two days I’m treated to other people’s food and don’t need to be cooking. It’s nice for a change! 

Lol not being at home also meant no duties so whilst Blip slept this morning I had a long nice bath!! How lovely, normally I run around like a mad woman trying to do house duties!  



Today was the last day in London. We went to Greenwich and just relaxed whilst daddy was working.

Baby Blip had a grand day!!  

 Now what are we gonna have for dinner tomorrow? Perhaps homemade empanadas. Let’s wait and see! 

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Making leftover pizza and homemade tomato sauce

Well, the bbq yesterday went well. Still hate the amount of food that we end up wasting as it was cooked and left out. But nothing much to do about it.

Got to bed at 11 ( really late when you got a baby). Baby blip was sleeping in his cot, but this morning he was in my bed, how? I have no clue. He must have woken during night and in my tiredness I must have put him in my bed.

This morning I did the huge washing up. Really hate that part. Managed to rescue two corn on the cup that was bbq. Going to make corn fritters later.

Also found 4 tomatoes that need to be used and half an onion.

Baby blip and I made a pizza for dinner tonight.

Homemade (pizza) tomato sauce recipe:  

4 very ripe tomatoes

1 tin chopped tomatoes

2 spring onions

1/2 red onion

2 garlic cloves

2 anchovies

1 tsp vinegar (I used the pickling vinegar from my gherkins)

1 tbsp basil (dried)

1 tbsp oregano

1. Blanch tomatoes, remove skin. Put in stick blender and blend.

2. Chop onion, spring onions, anchovies and garlic.

3. Add all the ingredients to a pot and boil to desired consistency. Adjust seasoning. I added some water half way through as it got to dry.

4. Depending on how you like the sauce either keep it as it is or blend again in stock blender.

I made a huge jar, plan in to do to pizza  tonight. Whatever is leftover of sauce i may keep in fridge to use tomorrow or freeze.


6 Tomatoes from  reduced section, 60p (used 4 = 40p).

1 tin basic chopped tomatoes from Tesco 0.34p

99p for 10 red onions (used 1/2 onion = 5p).

1 garlic bulb cost 30 p (10 cloves). (Used 2 cloves =6p)

Spring onions 70p for 10. (Used 2 =14p)

Anchovies from tesco 69p, contains 10. (Used 2 =14p)

Oregano 85p tesco own brand (1 tbsp =8p).

Basil 85p tesco own brand (1tbsp =8p)

Gherkin vinegar (free) as I would have thrown out.

Salt and pepper 1p each

Total cost £1.31

Only used 1/3 for the pizza = 44p

With the rest of the anchovies I froze them down 2 by two in ice cube trays and added the oil from tin. When frozen they can be popped out and put in freezing bags.

Pizza dough 

300 g plain flour

1 satchel fast acting yeast

1 tbsp olive oil

Pinch of salt

Water to bind. Around 200 ml

1. Put flour, yeast, salt and oil together in a bowl. Add water (warmish) a bit of the time. Keep kneeding until it it a nice smooth ball. Not too wet and not too dry.  For a thin crust it doesn’t need to rest.

2. Then role out base.

3 I like to place it on a preheated pizza stone and bake for 5 minutes at 220c fan oven. Then adding the topping.

Bake in oven for a further 8-10 min or until topping is perfect.

1.5 kg plain flour from Tesco basic range 45p. (Used 300g = 9p)

Yeast Tesco fast action yeast 8 bags 83p (used one bag = 11p).

Napolina Extra Virgin Olive oil 1l  £5.50 (used 15 ml = 0.09p).

Total cost 29p

Anything can be used for topping, whatever you fancy.


8 pieces salami (24 pieces for £3.00) =£1.00

1/2 red onion (99p for 10 red onions) = 5p 

1/4 of yellow and green pepper (69p for 3 in Lidl) = 12p

3 mushrooms (80p for tray in co-op, had 12) = 20

60 g cheese (this was a block cheese I bought reduced to £1.90) used 1/5 of pack = 38p

My topping cost around 1.75 p in total


1 pizza for £2.48. Not bad but could be much cheaper depending on your toppings. But compared to buying them ready made its a saving.

Electric cost is not included.


Even Baby Blip had a piece!




First bbq of the year

Yesterday we were doing a bbq, we had been preparing since Saturday, and this week we are defiantly not going to stay within our weekly budget of £25.00 even though we did most of the shopping at Lidl, the butchers and the rest at Morrisons.

But then we are cooking for a lot of people and hopefully there will be lots of leftovers.

The husband made homemade Colombian sausages for the first time yesterday. They taste awesome and I’m super impressed!

On top of that we are having: prawn lollipops, bbq ribs (cooked in slowcooker over night, now marinated ready for BBQ), chicken wings, lobster tail ( bloody expensive but husbands idea), mackerel, beef skewers Chinese style and European style, tuna, corn on the cob, grilled peppers and jalapeños, salad and a fruit salad!

Not to forget lots of drinks, wine, sangria, beer, juice and normal soft drinks.

Last but not least we are having my homemade pineapple and coconut cake. It’s my own invention and it is pretty delicious!

Pineapple and coconut cake recipe


4 eggs

300 g sugar
150 g flour
3 tbsp baking powder
100 g desiccated coconut
50 g dried pineapple
150 ml milk
100 ml pineapple juice
50 g salted butter
1. Start by chopping the dried pineapple into tiny pieces.
2. Melt the butter and milk in a saucepan until butter is just melted.
3. Whilst melting the butter and milk. Use a hand mixer to beat the eggs and sugar on high to a light airy consistency. It should almost be white. I find around five minutes on high is the right time.
4. Mix the flour, baking powder, dedicated coconut and pineapple pieces together. Now fold it through the egg mixture.
Half way through add the milk and butter mixture. Should be around 38c. And after this the pineapple juice. Keep folding.
5. Now put in a baking tin, lined with baking paper.
6. Place in a preheated oven at 180 c for around 25 minutes.  Check with knife that cooked through.
Filling ( optional)
200g pineapple 
50 g sugar 
1 dl water
1. Purée pineapple, sugar and water together
2. Add to pan slowly boil until consistency of a jam
Topping – Italian merengue  (to make it simpler just do a normal icing and a bit of coconut, instead of the below).
100 ml water
400 g sugar
4 egg whites 
2 tbsp lemon juice
100 g desiccated coconut 
Italian Merengue
1) In a small saucepan, combine sugar and water. Heat over high heat, brushing down sides of pot as necessary with a pastry brush dipped in water. Cook until sugar syrup registers 121 c on a sugar thermometer.
2 Meanwhile, beat egg whites and lemon juice in a bowl and mixer to medium speed and mix until soft peaks form (the peaks in the egg whites should very slowly collapse back into themselves, takes about 2 minutes).
  • 3. With the mixer running, carefully and slowly drizzle in hot sugar syrup. Increase speed to high and whip until desired stiffness is achieved.
  • 4. Lightly roast coconut 
  • Assembling the cake
  • 1. Now half the cake, fill it with the coconut jam.
  • 2. Put the Italian merengue
  • 3. Throw over the toasted coconut!
  • 4. Serve and eat!!
  •  Must  admit it looks a bit like a massive blob on the plate.
  • The bbq went really well. But happy to have a normal day today!
About Me

About the Purpose of the Blog also a bit about Me and My Family

I thought it was time to update the about me section as it has been almost 3 years since I wrote it, and lots have changed since I initially started it.

I’m a 33 year old Mum with one child + a new baby on its way, ohhh.. and the husband with a demanding job.

Purpose of the Blog

When I moved over in 2005 I barely could cook pasta. When I started to write this blog 3 years ago, I mainly wanted to show recipes and what I cooked.  But now my main aim of this Blog is to write down the recipes I make, try and cost them and to focus on food waste and budgeting in our household.

Over the last 3 years I have also become slightly obsessed with food waste. I think it is down to different programmes I have watched such as BBCs programme Hugh’s War on Waste and other tv programmes and newspaper articles that focussed on this.

“Statistics from the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) show household food waste in the UK increased 4.4 per cent between 2012 and 2015, …… That brings the amount of food sent to landfill in 2015 to 7.3 million tonnes, costing UK families £700 per year”. source  –

How can we in a developed society like the UK allow to throw out so much food, when still we got families that barely can afford to feed their kids…

Also, there are so many ways we can avoid waste if we are just a bit creative in the kitchen!

The family


The Wife (Me) -So as mentioned in the beginning of this post, I’m 33 and a busy mum. I came over from Denmark back in 2005 with the goal of changing my life and wow it has changed. I’m dyslexic, so I do aske you guys to bare with me, as at times this will show in my writing.

I normally work full time at Transport for London, this is when I’m not busy being a mum and wife.

I love cooking, I love cookbooks and I hate waste and being in debt, which, luckily, I have now managed to get out off!


Baby “Blip”  was born June 2014, he will now be known as Toddler “Blip” on my blog! He is a happy 3 year old boy/toddler.. not too keen on trying new foods though, but I believe this is mainly due to me having struggled with Hyperemisis Gravidarum for the last 6 months…A pregnancy complication that means I have been very sick, throwing up constantly and loads of hospital admissions.. Hence, Toddler “Blip” has been allowed to eat a lot of whatever you want, food when I have been at my worst… I’m hoping that when the new addition arrives in August, we can change this!

Baby “Flipper” –  The new addition to the family, will be known as Baby “Flipper”. He is due in August and we can’t wait.

The Husband – He has since we had Toddler “Blip” in 2014 got a much more demanding job. Which has positive and negative side effects on the family life.. Especially, as he works long hours and travels a lot, sometimes on very short notice. This, can make things like budgeting and meal planning almost impossible!. On top of that he has been doing a low carb diet for the last few months. However, we try and do compromises, making low carb meals, where I can easily add carbs for me, Toddler “Blip” and the Baby I’m growing.